wedding in mountains

It’s high time you experienced your wedding the way no one before has ever had. No matter, whether you’ ve already spent a lot of time browsing through the Internet, or have racked your head over the place which you could call „out of my dreams”, there is no need to do so any longer.

We have a perfect match for you. It is a place not only from the wedding dreamland, this is the place even closer to you – the place of your own – your imagination. With us you can not only dwell in it, but you can start living it right now, watching your dreams come true.

wedding in mountains

wedding in highland can guarantee you all this. Polish Tatra Mountains region is an exquisite area situated in the southern part of Poland, which for many still remains an exotic country. The area is full of many beautiful locations scattered over the 150 square kilometres of its vast territory. Throughout the ages it’ s been considered a mysterious and spiritual place. Also the place of brave mountain people fighting the nature to survive in harsh conditions. Highlanders have dwelled in the region for centuries and have created their own extraordinary culture. Among other well-known traditions which they keep alive, the way highlanders throw out the weddings has become a legend across the country. Here you will find out what hides under the fiery name „weselisko”. If you know that a traditional Polish „wesele” means merrymaking, then the highlander „weselisko” or wedding is going to be a real revelry – full of passion, fire and utter fun.

The land, moreover, creates a beautiful scenery for taking your wedding photograps. Here you are surrounded by pure nature. On the one side you can feel the magnitude of the towering mountains, and on the other the sky is so close that you may already think you are in heaven. Now it’s not so hard to understand why even the Polish Pope called the mountains „his beloved ones”. Yet the area is not only spiritual and pensive, but also full of life – not only in summer but also in winter thanks to the world-famous Ski Jumping Competition in the very heart of the region, in Zakopane. Still this is not all we can offer you as the highlander wedding.ślub w górach

After you have feasted your eyes on the picturesque sights, you would probably like to eat something that would mark this unique atmosphere. To fully experience your wedding in the highland you simply must try the local food, which any real highlander wedding could simply not do without. Mountain quisine is an another important part of the highlander cultural tradition. Food which is served is very tasty, natural and fresh because it is always home-made according to old recipes. There is a whole culinary diversity of local specialities, such as a very popular „oscypek” cheese, lamb à la Highlander, or „kwaśnica” soup, of which everybody can choose something extraordinary for themselves knowing that she or he has tried the dishes you cannot try anywhere else. All of them taste very good and are very nourishing emphasising the character of the region and its people.

So if you’ve been looking for an ideal marriage venue, you are on the right site. Let us entchant you with the pristine beauty of the Polish highland area, the uniqueness of its people, their rich settled tradition of weddings, and the special quisine to give yourwedding the extraordinary flavour and character.

See you in Poland to make a perfect match!