wedding in Krakow

Marvellous Time Together? Oh Yes, We’d in Krakow!

Being with another person is a wonderful experience when we can cherish our presence between ourselves, but one kind of that feeling you simply cannot compare to any other. The time spent together with the person you love the most is an unbeatable feeling. It’s a great occasion to think, how deep you know each other and how far you’re ready to go still

wedding in krakow

hand in hand through your life. If you think that you can do this at any length, maybe a destination wedding trip is something worth your consideration?

We are a wedding planner company based in Kr


in Poland. We would like to offer you a great opportunity of wedding in Europe in a unique place – almost at its very heart. If you think about wedding abroad, but without losing that pleasant familiarity of local weddings, however, you are still after some exciting experiences on your lifepath,  Krakow is certainly the place for you both.

Krakow is sometimes like a woman. Moody with its hot and cold weather,  sunny and rainy days. Delicate as the flowers amongst the me

adows at Błonia in the spring morning sun. Turbulent and full of ardent passion for love and for life. Too much at once? Maybe, but isn’t it that what we love about women the most? Pure beauty of variety in one place. Since ages, the city has allured poets and painters from all over Europe, who let themselves be delightfully exhausted in the adorable arms, leaving here part of their romantic souls for eternity. Many other of Krakow’s artisitic boheme were left here heart broken, making them though even more sensitive to beauty. All this yet has for sure enriched the city’s energy, which has made it so magnetic even for today’s couples in love choosing the place to be one for life. You may say it’s like Paris with its beautiful medieval and Renaissance architecture, its artistic boheme and above all theromantic atmosphere. Nontheless, Krakow being not that famous a place, is still interesting against other wedding venues. Thanks to its remote place on the map it has preserved its exoticness. And don’t you think that lovers need to cherish thier company in this pleasant secrecy, rather than in the floodlight of the world-known “L’amour capital”?

A hard choice always takes a man to decide for the two. And so the city is s

wedding in krakow

ometimes a man too. Throughout its rich history Krakow had always been known as the city of the kings, very frequently facing man’s decisions. Also it is due to them that at times the architecture seems somewhat male-like. This is very well seen as we look at the Royal Castle on the Wawel’s Rock. Its situation on a piece of hard stone reminds us of a sturdy stronghold in this very manly manner. Add to that the dragon dwelling below it and you have your prince charming ready to fight for the lady of his heart. Of co

urse it is the city of legends, of which Krakow still yearns its past time identity, but

 it is also strongly defined by the present time. There are still few cities that offer you such a marriage of different styles, where you can see as the old, historical nobely and steadfast buildings intermingles so gently with the fresh and modern design of the world’s architecture – meeting at some point in time and living happily ever after. “Like a loving couple”, your answer would be if you were to com

pare the city to people.

And so it is – the city for the two: for kings and queens of their hearts, but under one name: LOVE. Indeed, it’s hard not to fall in love with Krakow and in  Krakow. This is the PLACE so close to all loving hearts that the city turns into one big heart itself. It beats with the enormous energy which is vital, cultural  and natural at the same time. Here you can really feel that it lives! Krakow is happy, joyous with the commotion of people and places that are so different,  sometimes it’s pensive but is always true. It has plentiful looks. This is life and love is its important part. As everything that surrounds us making our lives  meaningful, this unique feeling should have its time and place. The time you’ve been together needs to be crowned now, and what can be a better place  for it than the royal city. Wedding in Krakow you give this marvellous moment in your life the special place it deserves.