wedding in Poland

wedding in mountains

If you are dreaming about an unique wedding ceremony and wedding reception that will impress everyone and will remain in your and your guests memory for a long time; the wedding in an exceptional scenery, in a place where tradition mixes with modernity, you should consider planning your wedding in Poland.

Poland is famous for its hospitality and exquisite, diversified cuisine. This is a country of mountains and lowlands, seaside beaches and lakes; the country where each of the seasons of the year gives the unique and marvelous climate, and its rich history and culture has left lots of places worth visiting: medieval castles, baroque palaces, aristocratic mansions, sacred objects, places where other different religions and traditions were developed, heritage parks and mysterious objects built B.C.

In those sceneries and landscapes we are able to arrange unique and unforgettable wedding just for you. If you entrust us the organisation of your wedding, not only will you remember this day as a unique and exceptional, but you will also have a wonderful time in a splendid country together with your guests and the most wonderful memories.

It doesn’t matter if you are Polish citizen or foreigner – you can hold wedding in Poland.

Just click here and have a look which documents are required to get married in Poland.