Wedding in Poland in 100 days? Yes, it’s possible!

How long does it take to organise a wedding in Poland? There is no clear answer, because it depends on expectations of the bride and groom and the availability of the dreamed service providers. But our experience shows that it does not have to take two years 😉

Planning one wedding task for one day, we have created a schedule for 100 days, what is a little more than 3 months, and we guarantee that it is sufficient to organise a wedding in Poland. However, we are aware that sometimes it is impossible due to the so-called „independent” reasons, e. g. due to the availability of the venue. Very often a couple like some venue, but the next available Saturday in the summer season is one of those in two years. And this is usually the main and only reason why organising a wedding takes so long.

wedding on Tuesday or Sunday

Even the wedding planner can’t jump over such a situation. The only thing you can do is to plan a wedding on a different day than Saturday. Of course, this has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, like everything else. Therefore, the bride and groom has to consider this according to their personal circumstances. If  a couple lives abroad and most of the wedding guests arrive from abroad, it does not matter to them whether the wedding will take place on Saturday or Thursday, because anyway for this time they have to plan a trip for at least a few days. But if the guests live in Poland, the presence at the wedding on Wednesday means that on Wednesday and Thursday they have to take a holiday at work, and this can no longer be feasible for everyone. There are some days in the middle of the week that are still free from work, such as Corpus Christi or May Day. Great dates, but they sold up next just after Saturday after Saturday.

Any plus? On days other than Saturdays it is easier to negotiate prices (often they are lower by default), it is easier to find a good photographers and others popular providers, and this is a really big added value when it comes to organising a wedding.

Another solution is to organise wedding not in the strict wedding season. Maybe in autumn, early spring or even in the winter scenery?

wedding in Krakow


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When planning a wedding on a different day than Saturday or during a different period of the year, you must first make sure you will be able to get married on that day! Both the church and the Registry Office. Some authorities marry only on Saturdays and some parishes do not agree on Fridays (because it is the Day of the Lord’s Passion) or Lent. Similarly, the situation may look like 15th August, which is a holiday in Poland and an ideal date for a wedding, but this i salso a day off from work for offices and not every Register will agree to give the wedding on that day. Before you book a venue, first make sure you have formal options regarding the date you want to book.


In the picture, our couple, who, for personal and family reasons, considered their wedding and wedding only the date of Lent. It was quite difficult to find a parish that agreed to marry at that time, but who, if not us 🙂 More photos from this ceremony HERE.

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