Wedding in a time of plague. What to do when the coronavirus thwarts your plans.

The epidemic, triggered by a new type of coronavirus, has put many industries in an extremely difficult situation almost overnight. One of them is the wedding industry, and with it many young couples who have been planning a wedding this year. The uncertainty makes all future honeymooners probably ask themselves: what to do about the wedding? If you are in a similar situation too, read some of our advice.

Move or cancel? Changes v. the law.

The two ways out of the situation are almost automatic: a change of date or cancellation of the wedding reception. Unfortunately, people who have a wedding date during the period of governmental restrictions on gatherings have no choice. Their big day will certainly not be on schedule. If they decide to cancel, they are entitled to a refund of the deposit (the amount paid most often during or just after the conclusion of the contract). This is due to the fact that the reason for the non-performance of the contract was force majeure, i. e. a state of epidemics declared throughout the country. But what if the wedding is scheduled for May or June? Early termination of the contract, which is scheduled for the coming months, may entail the risk of losing the right to reimbursement of the deposit. If for example on the last day of April, the restrictions on gatherings will be lifted, any wedding scheduled in May can take place. In this case, the contract will not be executed through the fault of the bride and groom, and the deposit will be paid to the service provider. The situation is similar with a contract with a band or a photographer. The uncertainty about how long the epidemic will last, makes the decision to cancel the wedding really necessary to think carefully. However, there is another solution that may prove to be much more beneficial for all: to change the date of adoption.

Changing the date – what to do to avoid unpleasant surprises

Organizing an event as big as a wedding is a difficult chalenge. It’s the same when you move the date. The first step you should make is contacting the venue where the reception is to take place and to establish the free time available. It would be best to book a few just in case, even if it would involve a fee. Remember that similar arrangements will have to be made with other parties involved, especially the band and the photographer, as well as the church or registry office. If we can find a date that suits all parties, we are almost home. Changing the date on the invitations is really a prank in the current situation. When contracting a change of date with the premises and other service providers, it is necessary to draw up annexes to the contracts together with the exact rates for services. Otherwise, you may be charged a price on the day of the event that may differ significantly from the price you have agreed to in your current contract. Venues often include a point in the contract reserving the possibility for them to raise the price by the inflation difference. However, this is a standard procedure to protect the service provider in the event of a drastic rise in food prices.

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A sacramental “yes” only with witnesses

It is now possible to carry out the marriage ceremony itself. Up to five people can take part in religious rituals, not counting those in service. So there are no contraindications to go to church only with witnesses. The same goes for the registry office. This is an option for those who, for personal reasons, want to get married as soon as possible. Then the wedding reception itself can be postponed, which the guests will certainly accept with understanding. However, it should be remembered that getting married involves obtaining a number of documents, some of which have a limited validity period. Baptismal records and documents from the Registry Office are valid for 6 months and pre-marriage records for one year. As there is no precedent, it is not yet clear whether and under what conditions the validity of these documents will be extended, so it is important to keep an eye on this.

Compromise as the best ally

Two issues are crucial in this difficult situation: time and ability to compromise. It’s time, because there are a lot of couples in a stalemate that will try to move the wedding to another date. There’s nothing to wait for! Graphics of venues organizing parties will be tense, so it is worth considering whether to organize a wedding during the week. The ability to compromise can also be crucial. Although it has not actually been declared, there is a state of emergency. The wedding service providers also found themselves in a very difficult situation and were deprived of the possibility of earning money overnight. And for many, it is the only income from which families support themselves. In difficult situations (for both sides) we should support each other. Hardening your own, finding legal loopholes or investigating yourself in court can not only be costly and time-consuming, but above all it can spoil the mood and introduce negative emotions. One of the most important days in life, no one would want that. We are all human beings and it is purely human solidarity and the ability to communicate will be the best allies.

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