Plan B, C and even. . . Z

This is not to scare someone (although it’ Halloween time), but to make you aware of the importance of thinking about alternatives.

Once, a week before the wedding we organized, a fire broke out in the cellars of the restaurant where the wedding was to take place. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, the restaurant rooms survived unharmed, but the ongoing actions of firefighters, inspectors and all the necessary services and institutions for a few days kept us in great uncertainty as to whether the wedding could take place in the planned place.

This unexpected and very rare situation perfectly illustrates, that for every situation we always need to devise a plan „B”. That’s one of the secrets of good planning. Of course, we do not expect to make as big changes as the last minute (although this can also happen, unfortunately), but during the wedding day or just before it can happen a lot of other unexpected situations. Fortunately, many of them can be predicted (such as insufficient alcohol or bad weather), but there may also be some that no one would expect. In order not to panic a few days before or on the day of the wedding, it’s good to think about every point of the plan also in terms of alternatives. So that „in case of an emergency” you could immediately pull Ace out of his sleeve and have peace of mind.

wedding panic


It’s not about turning a wedding planning period into a time of stress and panic. But the sooner you start thinking about plans „B” or even „C”, the smoother you will go through the stage of every organization you ever undertake.

It is important to have a loved one at every stage of the organisation. Ideally, if he/she is calm and able to react quickly. Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that the best you could do is put all these problems, stresses and fears on the shoulders of a wedding planner who is a specialist in plans B. And the more experienced he is, the better he can cope in situations where something unexpected really stands in the way of the plan.

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