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Even if you have a clear vision of how you want the wedding to look, we will do the time consuming and stressful investigation, coordination and organization for locations, catering, hotel room booking, artists, etc.

We are a group of passionate wedding planners from Poland ready to help you arrange the moment of your life time in every detail, so that you spend this unique occasion the way you feel it.

We know that there are lots of weddings and that they are all precious and special in their own way. People who organize them will surely try their best to make them look special. However, don’t you feel that sometimes such „wedding planners” try to satisfy you so hard that they actually overdo it, taking the gilt off the gingerbread. Isn’t it that unique means spontaneous, vivid, and most of all different from all you know so far? This is what we can offer you. Just imagine your perfect wedding venue that has got its own exceptional character, passion, and atmosphere.

Every wedding is completely different. There’s no two identical.

However there’s some services which we provide almost for every couple:

Wedding venue

A successful wedding ceremony and reception to a large extent depend on the location in which they are held. Therefore, we recommend that place for the ceremony, and later to the party, to be taken into the consideration. We always choose the place to meet the highest expectation of the bride and at the same time to make guest comfortable and perfect for celebrating.

We advise not only the choice of premises, church or office, but also to conduct all necessary arrangements to hold weddings such as date reservation , signing contracts, advising on the menu and the choosing of bilingual priest.

We offer dozens of venues where we hold a wedding. These are both places in the style of the palace-court, the highlanders, as well as wedding halls and banquet rooms.
We also organize open-air parties, to which we provide all the technical facilities – tents, dance floors, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.

If the wedding venue not provide catering service, we will advise when choosing a company that provides meals during the wedding. We will order a wedding cake and cones, and we provide the alcohol of your choice.

Music for the Wedding and Reception

We make sure that the musicians that we recommend both to celebrate the wedding ceremony and to provide fun for wedding guests are not only talented but also the properly trained.

We only recommend the live bands. They are always professional musicians and know how to carry a great fun. For couples who prefer to play the original version of the main stream music we offer the best and professional DJs.

You can enrich your wedding ceremony, regardless of whether it takes place in the church, office or open air location, by music performed by string quartet, trumpet, harp, flute and choir or folk music band.

Wedding photos and videos

We know that wedding photos and videos are memories that you will revisit for the rest of your life. That is why we only work with professional photographers, who not only know how to capture the emotions in your wedding pictures but are also very discreet and almost invisible throughout the ceremony and reception. As each couple may prefer a different style of photography we work with a range of photographers who offer varying styles and options.

We make sure that in many years to come you, when will be viewing your wedding video; you will feel like it’s happening here and now. We carefully selecting our videographers as we believe that the video from your special day should be the quality of an Oscar nominated movie!

Wedding car

Let everyone know that you are getting married! Your wedding vehicle will defiantly attract the attention! No one will miss thewedding car! It’s up to you on whether it’s a luxury limousine, a retro style car, modern luxury car, a vehicle with Hammer-type fantasy, or even a tram! We will make sure you get to your wedding in your dream vehicle.

On the other hand a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride will be a great opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the fresh air.

Wedding guests transport

Your guests do not have to worry about their transportation. We will organize for them a transport from wedding ceremony toreception and also drop them at night to their place of stay. Depending on your requirements, or the imagination – we can organize air-conditioned tour buses, urban or historic. Attraction for your guests could be also a ride in electric tour cars, horse carriage, a historic red bus or double decker bus.

We can organize to pick your guests from the train station or airport and make sure that they feel welcomed and safe.


Accomodation for wedding guests

You do not have to worry about where to locate dozens of your wedding guests from another city or country. We’ll do it. We work with several different classes of hotels, hostels and private elegant suites. Depending on your and your guest’s preferences and budget, we will book their accommodation at the selected location. We will make booking and look after them on the day of arrival and departure.

Wedding invitations and accessories

The wedding invitation is the first information your guests will receive about your wedding. They should be an encouragement to participate in your wedding. In our offer you will find hundreds of designs including printed, laser cut or handmade, elegant or humorous wedding invitations. We will help you choose the invitation text, wedding poem or quote and make sure it’s made to the highest standard. If you wish we can also take care of the shipment and wedding guests‘ confirmation.

We will make sure that there are name tags on the tables and information about the menu plus a little gift for each guest, such as sweet almonds. The table layout prior to entering the room will clearly direct each guest to their seat. The alcohol bottles shall be decorated and after the reception we will send thank you cards to each guest.

The guest book with the entries will be a lovely souvenir for you. We will make sure each guest leaves a little note for you.


Bridal bouquet and decorations

For every bride the bouquet is as important as the gown itself. It has to match the style and color of the wedding dress but also the beauty and character of the bride. This is our florist’s responsibility. They will also look after the bouquets, buttonholes and flower petals for family members, bridesmaids and the best man.

Flowers always add elegance and beauty to the place. Therefore they cannot be missed on the wedding and reception event. Our florist companies are responsible for making the wedding ceremony and reception decoration to the highest standard. They always follow the latest’s trends, and always meet the requirements of each bride.

Wedding cake

Wedding cake can be both decorative element, which one of the wedding activities. Ideas for its appearance, color, shape and taste endless, and we know confectioners, who can conjure up a real cake miracles.

Paper work

If you do not know where and when to do the formalities related to the wedding, we will help you get through the procedure. Wedding consultant serves as a guide for newlyweds formal and legal. We know what documents are necessary to marry both in the office and in the churches, they have to be downloaded and submitted. We know what to do to get married with a foreigner, a person of another faith and how to organize a wedding in the open air.

We will plan and organize it so everybody will have an amazing time. Please allow the attractions that we plan to remain a mystery, but you can be assured that they will meet your expectations, taste and conscience.


Additional attractions organisations

We will make sure that that your wedding and reception will not be forgotten, and guests enjoy the entertainment.

Our capabilities are endless so everything is up to your imagination.

Here are the activities commonly used by Newlyweds but we have many more to offer!
Chinese Lanterns
Bartender Shows
Chocolate Fountain
Folklore Show
Soap Bubbles
White doves

Gift management

We can create a website with the gifts list which can only be accessed by you and your guests. You can put all the gifts that you would like to receive and the guests can pick exactly what and where to get them. This way you can avoid unwanted gifts and your guests will not have the dilemma of what to choose for a perfect wedding gift.

Wedding blog

Wedding pages and blogs are nowadays the most popular way to share your happiness with the world. We will create your very own wedding page. You can put on it whatever you wish, wedding photos, invitations, information about the wedding date and so forth.


Wedding day coordination

This day we will watch everything goes well.
We will be with you from the early morning untill the late at night.

We will keep eye on your wedding.


You can also trust us with organizing your honeymoon. We work closely with very trusted tourist agents not only in Poland but in many special and exotic places around the world. We will take care of the booking of your trip and any other extras at the location, you may require.


Wedding consultations online

If you organize your wedding yourself but need any help, or just want to discuss about your decisions or doubts concerning wedding providers, you can make an online appointment with us. Read more…

Principles of cooperation


In any case our wedding planners will provide you with several options to choose from. They are supported by visualizations, photographs, demonstrations and samples (depending on the service type). The final choice is always up to you.


At each stage of the process we make sure we provide you with all our help and expertise. Our main goal is for your wedding ceremony and reception to meet all your highest expectations.


On your behalf we also signing the agreements with all the subcontractors (unless you wish otherwise). From the beginning we manage the budget process with constant updates during the planning.


We do not reveal the details of the companies that we working with until we sign the contract with you. After that all this is at your disposition.


The distance does not affect out work. A majority of our clients live abroad. If the face to face meeting is impossible we use emails, telephones, Skype and other IM.