Documents required

wedding documents

Documents required for foreigners wishing to get married in Poland


A foreigner wishing to marry a Polish citizen on Polish territory, or to marry another foreigner on  Polish territory, is required to furnish the following documents:

1. Birth certificate – must be translated by a sworn translator (Polish authorities require that the sworn translation be issued within six months of presenting for marriage)

2. Certificate of No Impediment – a written statement from the Embassy verifying that you are legally free to marry. This should include the following information:
· Full name
· Date of birth
· Address
· Marital status
· Father’s full name
· Mothers full name and her maiden name

3. Passport

4. Certificate of Registration (for permanent residents only)

5. Documentation verifying that you’re legally allowed to get married in accordance with your national law


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.

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