wedding venue

A successful wedding ceremony and reception to a large extent depend on the location in which they are held. Therefore, we recommend that place for the ceremony, and later to the party, to be taken into the consideration. We always choose the place to meet the highest expectation of the bride and at the same time to make guest comfortable and perfect for celebrating.

We advise not only the choice of premises, church or office, but also to conduct all necessary arrangements to hold weddings such as date reservation , signing contracts, advising on the menu and the choosing of bilingual priest.

We offer dozens of venues where we hold a wedding. These are both places in the style of the palace-court, the highlanders, as well as wedding halls and banquet rooms.
We also organize open-air parties, to which we provide all the technical facilities - tents, dance floors, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.

If the wedding venue not provide catering service, we will advise when choosing a company that provides meals during the wedding. We will order a wedding cake and cones, and we provide the alcohol of your choice.