Wedding invitations and accessories

The wedding invitation is the first information your guests will receive about your wedding. They should be an encouragement to participate in your wedding. In our offer you will find hundreds of designs including printed, laser cut or handmade, elegant or humorous wedding invitations. We will help you choose the invitation text, wedding poem or quote and make sure it's made to the highest standard. If you wish we can also take care of the shipment and wedding guests' confirmation.

We will make sure that there are name tags on the tables and information about the menu plus a little gift for each guest, such as sweet almonds. The table layout prior to entering the room will clearly direct each guest to their seat. The alcohol bottles shall be decorated and after the reception we will send thank you cards to each guest.

The guest book with the entries will be a lovely souvenir for you. We will make sure each guest leaves a little note for you.