Wedding invitations – it’s time

Ring ring, is the last bell to give your guests an invitation! You still don’t know what to choose? It’s not a surprise because it is one of the most difficult tasks in the organization of the wedding.

Wedding invitations and save the date

If you previously have sent your save the date, something to inform about your wedding plans and ask for a reservation, that’s cool. Season has already started and you don’t have much time to give invitations. Savoir vivre orders give them at least three weeks before the ceremony, but everyone will agree that this is too late. Wedding guests also need to select the creation of such a circumstance, book tickets and holidays, and even postpone „this and that” to offer you a wedding gift.

wedding invitations

Classical or extravagant wedding invitations

Wedding invitation, which you can found today in offers are as varied as weddings can be. A multitude of patterns and colors give you a real dizzy. You can choose from thousands of invitations available on the market – put on a classic elegance, simple pattern, or go crazy with the invitation humorous and colorful. But the best way is to order your individual design wedding invitations – matched to the leitmotif of your weddings or traits of your personality. There has to be something that connects you both and what can be used, inviting guests to your wedding. Your wedding planner will help you find the right graphic design studio 🙂

wedding invitations

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Wedding Invitations with additives

Wedding invitations are the perfect communication way with yours guests. You can join your invitation with plenty of different supplements – eg. invitation for the reception (if for some of the people you plan only a invitation for the ceremony), access maps, information about accommodation or a request for confirmation to transport. Depending on the project you can fit it in one place or as a separate insert.

wedding invitations

Beware of typos

Before you accept a project invitation acheck carefully few times whether there is no typos, and if invitation contains the correct spelling, and most of all if there are no errors in dates and times. Invitations approved and sent to the printer can not be changed any more.

wedding invitations

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