Wedding in a Palace nearby Krakow

Every girl at least once in her lifetime, for a brief moment, has envisaged herself as a princess living in a palace. Organising your wedding in Krakow, Poland makes this dream come true.

In the old deeds, Poland was inhabited by many princes and counts and every of them had his own castle or palace. The remains of principalities and counties are nowadays, very frequently, used as hotels and restaurants where you can organise a wedding. Around Krakow there are at least more than several of such objects, which differ from one another.

wedding in Krakow

The wedding in a palace is certainly distinguishable for its elegant style and sublime atmosphere. Elegant, dignified and exclusive interiors of castles and palaces are truly breathtaking for the guests and make every event splendid. At the event like this a violin quartet accompanying during the dinner is a must. But sophisticated interiors, beautiful decoration, an elegant crockery calls for no less sophisticated dishes. Polish cuisine can also offer you many dishes, which guests to the court were served at the kingly tables.

The cost of a wedding organised in a castle or palace is comparable to that of a party held elsewhere. A party for approx. 100 people costs between 65 000 and 185 000 PLN (including cost of: wedding ceremony and arrangement, wedding party organisation (menu, drinks, alcohol, wedding cake and baking), church, venue and car decoration, bouquets, wedding vehicle, music band and photographer, cameraman), and overnight accommodation for guests. Please be aware the price does not include any additional attractions such as fireworks display, and the cost of wedding design and invitations together with a wedding planner‚s honorary).

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