There is still one appealing aspect of organizing the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Poland – the costs of organization are much lower here than in other countries!!  (see sample prices)


Wedding planners salary

We propose two ways of billing for our services:
1. Commission of 10% of the total costs (price includes coordination of the wedding and the venue to the end or specified time).

The advantages of this proposal is the ability to modify services during preparations (for example adding extra tasks for us), the presence of wedding planner throughout the whole event and the fact that you really determine our salary.

2. The predetermined amount for our services specified in the contract.

The advantage of this choice is that from the beginning you know the amount that will not change during the entire period, from signing the agreement to the end of your celebration (in case of extra services required it is possible to evaluate and add to the agreement). The price includes the cost of wedding and reception coordination from the beginning to 1am.

We accept credit cards, PayPal or dotpay transfers.