About us

Weddings can be glamorous or simple, big or small, but they should all be exceptional and unique.

Every bride and groom wants an unsurpassed wedding combined with fantasy and style. We arranges special weddings which reflect each couple's personality.

Let us inspire you and create ideas for your big day. Even if you have a clear vision of how you want the wedding to look, we will do the time consuming and stressful investigation, coordination and organization for locations, catering, hotel room booking, artists, etc.

We are a group of passionate wedding planners from Poland ready to help you arrange the moment of your life time in every detail, so that you spend this unique occasion the way you feel it.

We know that there are lots of weddings and that they are all precious and special in their own way. People who organise them will surely try their best to make them look special. However, don't you feel that sometimes such "wedding planners" try to satisfy you so hard that they actually overdo it, taking the gilt off the gingerbread. Isn't it that unique means spontaneous, vivid, and most of all different from all you know so far? This is what we can offer you. Just imagine your perfect wedding venue that has got its own exceptional character, passion, and atmosphere.

We organise events and weddings in Krakow, Warsaw, Zakopane, Woclaw and Katowice in Poland since 2006. We have already organised weddings for couples from Poland but also from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Sweden. For couples with Polish origin and foreigners. We speak fluently English and French, we can comunicate also in Spanish.

Impressive wedding is in our hands!